Friday, July 31, 2009

Glass Float

Our trip to the coast was to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, she has art in her soul and creates in many mediums so my sis and I gave her a gift of “create your own glass float”. She got to participate in the entire process.

I’m not sure of the temp but it will melt glass in a heartbeat.

Here she twists the colors for a swirl effect.

Now that's beautiful !!!!!

Becky (my sis) and I got some camera time in. New rule I take pictures of you and no turnaround is fair play.

These are Pigeon Guillmots dating. Found on open ocean except when nesting on rocks.

This is after the date she loses all the feathers on her head not a good look. It’s not for the nest they are not sure why this happens.

But wouldn’t it curb young girls from going too far if this is what happened to them?

Here is a Rhinoceros Auklet the little bump on his beak is for breeding season. I’m sure he is very handsome but maybe he could work on that attitude.

The Tufted Puffin a very popular fellow with a good PR person. He is in full breeding colors.

After I played with it.
One more card opportunity for me no bird or animal is safe.
I will show the bracelets I made next time.

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Leigh said...

fabulous photos. can't wait to see the bracelets.