Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belted Kingfisher

I have been making a slow return to the studio, I can’t stand in the wood shop for very long so I pulled out some water colors and old field study photos of birds.

The Belted Kingfisher has always been a favorite of mine. Funny little dive bombers that makes a rattle sound as they fly. This is one of very few birds that the female has more color than the male. The male does not have the rusty brown band, so you can see I have painted a female.

The kingfisher builds a nice little burrow in the ground near water.  And because of people digging gravel pits and opening dirt banks the kingfisher’s population has grown every year, good news for once.
 This is the finished watercolor with pen and ink.

This one I did first with acrylics and some paper elements.  I would like to try making one with fabric. This may end up as the great Belted Kingfisher study.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Time to Sign Up! And why I have been gone for a month?

An Artful Journey registration opens today. Five instructors with five great classes, I will be teaching the best ever Santos class yet, check it out with this link. This retreat is all about you. Cindy Woods O’Leary has made sure you will be pampered in a unique and beautiful setting. Served outstanding meals and have the opportunity to work with one instructor throughout your stay. She has an open studio policy that lets you work at your own pace as long as you like. I just love this plan, an opportunity to work with students on a quiet evening, visiting with each other and really getting into our art or if you wish you can enjoy your evening under the stars with a glass of wine, it’s your choice.

Why have I been gone for a month?
 I was returning home from The Dalles art show opening with my mother, daughter that was 9 months pregnant and her husband when we were involved in a horrid auto accident. My van was hit by a fully loaded log truck and totaled on the spot. I’m happy to say my passengers were not severely hurt. I took most of the impact and broke a number of bones that I am still recovering from. My daughter has given birth to a beautiful daughter named Olivia that I hold as often as possible and thank the heavens they are all right. I’m beginning to feel like creating again so as soon as possible I will be up to no good and hard to find outside of the studio.