Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art & Soul class projects and fun!

I went to Las Vegas for Art & Soul but arrived four days early to visit with my daughter Melissa who now lives in Alabama.We met for some fun and site seeing.
Everything is over the top in Vegas, even the art supplies.

I really enjoyed all the details the hotels decorate with, the faux finishing is outstanding, water features are unbelievable, indoor city's boggle the mind.

Melissa and I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and saw the water show at the Bellagio, it was windy and cold but worth the view of Vegas at night.

And here we go you know the line "what happens in Vegas.......

....and thank goodness they will all stay in Vegas". I talked to some of them about being a street performer and was surprised to find out that they actually make a fair amount of money. The gold woman said some days only $40 but others and most can be as much as $300. Little Elvis top left probably makes more he was really working the crowd.

NOW FOR ART & SOUL.........
Thomas Ashman taught this "Tiny Glass & Copper Journal" class. I really had fun making it and playing with metal. And you all know how much I love copper and gnarly old patinas.

I had two classes with Richard Salley "Enameling 101" and I can't believe that now I'm hooked on yet one more art form.

Copper, glass powder and heat, that's it and you have beautiful color and a new layer to add to your arsenal.

His other class is "No Solder Bezels" this technique is a dream and not hard at all. The piece with the turquoise was more of a challenge and also includes faux bone. I think it may go on a leather journal.

And my last class was with Susan Lenart-Kazmer "Altered Surface Charms-Jewelry" . It doesn't look like much but I learned a great amount, like how to melt the silver wire with out creating a heat sink or burning up the paper next to the flame, priceless ! I did make some of the charms but will finish them later, in this class I learned how to use all sorts of jeweler's tools and as usual now I would love to own them, not a good thing.
I do what to say a big THANK YOU to Tammy Vail, without her gift I would not have had the classes and I really did enjoy them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going to Las Vegas

I will be back in a week, check in on the 26th and see what kind of art I can get into.
Art and Soul Las Vegas.......

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucky Me !

I have been lucky enough to refill the artistic well visually and mentally with art friends who are never lacking in laughter and interesting conversation.
We met at Guardino's Gallery in Portland, saw some fantastic art made by Gaelyn Lakin, Robin Olson, and Stephanie Brockway all in my art group (again lucky me).

We went next door and had some lunch as we solved a few world problems.
We are from left to right, Laurie, Tory, Tammy, Debi, Carrie, and Jan.

Laurie and Debi stand next to two pieces made by Gaelyn. I would really love to have the white one come live at my house but alas it is to small.

The photos are nice but you really need to see this art to see how wonderful it is.

Like I said lucky me, my well is full, I'm ready to create.
Ok I know it is a calico cat and a real looker at that but .....

check out this very cool tail.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Play Days Are The Best

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd.
The artist reception and “First Wednesday” was standing room only.

Mary Lou Zeek makes everyone so welcome in her gallery. If you can't make it to the show do try at some time to come see the gallery it is that nice.

I met Dayna and was happy to see my piece sold the first day. What a wonderful gift with the funds going to the food bank, thank you. Seeing that little red dot next to your art is a very good feeling!

Here is Dayna with her piece, that wonderful doll with a jacket made of canvas and a single wheel on the bottom so she can get around.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th
Yesterday a van full of PAC members made the trip to Salem to see the show, have lunch and visit Dayna's studio.
From left to right, Tory, Robin, Lorraine, Paula, Jill, Dayna and Steph.

We looked and laughed...

thought and talked...

after lunch we shopped for a bit and ended the day at Dayna's studio....
it really is an artists dream, an entire little house to work in.

she has set up her space so fun and super organized. Tons of scrumptious color!!!

What a great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing with paper

I have signed up for a fatbook, why I don't know, I can't say no I guess and am always so excited to get my hands on the little treasures, 50 pages of whimsy. This is my last one, but in the process of trying to come up with the idea I found a technique I'm having fun with.
I made them all on card weight paper and will use them for journal pages when I put a book together.

I have copied and reduced them to make my 4x4 pages.

Some will be made into greeting cards...I also used the image to make a new business card.

At times it is so nice to take your art and apply it to several applications. It is all part of discovery, some times it works and the other times no one will ever see. The important thing is to take time to make a discovery for yourself.