Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time Flies

What have I been doing for almost two months?
Thank goodness for photos it's easier to tell the story.
 I had two great Story Teller classes at the Art Department in down town Salem, one in Feb and one in March. I so enjoyed these classes with the nicest women.

I had two colds but not when I had to teach thank goodness. They were horrid it's been such a bad year almost everyone I know has been sick.
 Hanging out in the house did give me time to play with clay. The photo above was funny because I was feeling a bit lonely then looked up....yikes.
 The heads make thier way to finished pieces just in time to go to a gallery.
I became a new member at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, OR. And right away had to gallery sit for an 8 hr shift. It was busy for a Monday with all sorts of sales...trial by fire. 
A few weeks ago I bought a new van YAHOO!!!! It is so nice I can haul tools and dogs and stuff. All the stuff I want and even a little more stuff! I missed having a van can ya tell.
 Then.....One night I was taking apart dolls for a workshop and ended up with a bag of wigs when poor trusting Radish came into the room. Gads I got the giggles and still laugh everytime I look at these pictures.

Funny aren't they.
I had to get down to business and make some new class samples.
 Above is Bun she likes fiber and is collecting it for a big project coming up.
 Here she is with Roca who can only think of getting some new shoes.
I may need to rework Roca but for now I hope it will give my students some ideas on how to put together a fun assemblage.
This last pic is for my friend Vay who has a board on Pinterest it will fit into.
Actually I was working very late in the studio trying not to wake the chicken farmer and had not but one light on when I noticed the very strong shadow on the plain door.
April 1st I'm driving to Kansas City, MO see you then.....