Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun with the "Story Tellers"
 So often the artist wants control of their medium and has an image in mind of what the end piece should look like. But if you can let go and except what can happen you will be pleasantly surprised to find the story about your art. In my case it's the small clay people I create.

 When I start a sculpture I try not to have any pre conceived ideas. The above piece I knew I wanted a cap with antlers and ears. But the rest no idea. Her round sweet face just happened as well as her long slender bare foot legs. I think when I saw what she would look like I knew she would want the freedom to run with out shoes.And her story starts.
 Miss Cumin wanted to be a birder but had so many questions. Her little eyebrows knit with worry.
 Being a Brokenshire I feel I might be related to the above fellow.
It's fun to make and sell the little people but I find more pleasure seeing a student create their own sculpture. It is such a pleasure when their Story Teller comes to life for them and they tell me their history. It's hard to explain that giddy feeling we share, it's like we are kids playing for the day.
Give yourself a gift, find an art retreat and take a class from teachers who want to share the joy of creating something.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Salem Art Group (SAG) has a play day.

 Nancy Ing had the group over for a day of encaustics. The first thing you notice is the sweet smell of honey that is the wax. We had a tour of the house and beautiful studio space then got to work.
 Nancy and Katy gave us a short tutorial and we were off and running.

 I wish I had pictures of the groups pieces each so unique.
 We had take out for lunch....then
 we tryed a Dragon fruit from Veitnam.
 Watched a funny short video on how to open it. Not too hard cut it in half.
 We clicked spoons and all tasted it. It tasted like a very bland watermelon, we were not very impressed. The build up was the adventure. 
 This is my piece "Owl in the Woods"  the panel was black and I painted with white wax. I'm looking forward to trying this again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pitchfork Priest

A small view of how I make a sculpture.
I normally follow the same steps each time I sculpt a face, always starting with the nose. I think it helps me to divide up the face to the proper proportions.

Then lips and the cheeks. I have a tendency to be heavy with the cheekbone.

 If I need more chin or jaw I would add it now.
 Eyes and eyelids then eye brow and ears. This is the point that I decide if I like it or if I start over. It's all in the eyes. And I think his are a bit big but think it will work.
And the hair or in this case nails are the last to be added.
Just before I added the nails it could have been male or female but as soon as I established the hairline it was a male. 
I have planed that the head of this Santos will be on a pedestal with a collar. So I'm out to the shop to use the plasma cutter and welder.

I'm new to these tools so it takes me forever, I am still finding my way.

I cut out and grind all the parts. Now for the welder, lucky that I want it to be rough and primitive because that is where my skill level is at.
I love rust!
Here he is the "Pitchfork Priest" wearing rosary, rusted earrings and pitchfork cape. This piece is for  Day of the Dead gallery show at Guardino Gallery  and that is why it took on this persona. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Vacation Over

Sculpture Days
How is it that an artist has very little desire to create or rather takes a vacation from a very much loved job, then without notice is hit with an unrealistic need to work?... Okay I don’t know.
 I have been invited to participate in a show some months from now and got excited with the idea and possibilities. By putting on my thinking cap I got a jump start into a sculpting frenzy.
 The above man will be just a part of a large piece, I will update his progress as he comes along.
 This Santos head has just been painted and now is ready for a body. I have been auditioning parts but have not quite settled on anything yet.
And this one came together so smoothly it was like a gift. With it's wings it will be know as the "Flying Santos" I enjoyed using some of my new tools on it,  Her choker was made with the plasma cutter and I used the welder for the stand. She will be in the Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery 
I have a few hours before bed I think I will sculpt a small tin can man. Fun fun it's nice to be back.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Rag Rug Project-

 $3.99 for a rag rug, hours of fun priceless.
A few month's ago I redid my bath room and bought some rag rugs to brighten it up bit. I loved the gentle jewel tones and wanted see the fabric unbound. So I started to clip, and clip, and clip. Piles of gray string like thread wove the rug together, it took some time to free the fabric.
 What a treasure came out and it was mostly silk.

Sequins and sparkles added to the fun.
Then I opened a second rug...yikes it was horrid. Made from heavy upholstery fabric.
Lesson learned, I know what to look for now. You can kind of pick at it to find the silk ones.
Now the projects began. I started off with one of my polka dotted scarf's.
The body of the scarf is from the rug only the dots are new fabric.

Then a fun square knot bracelet.
Next a necklace with braids and strands. Decorated with a silk cocoon that I beaded inside and out.

Can't stop now I decided to make rag curtains, I'm still adding but I think they will look cool when finished.
 I'm still thinking of what else I could make from the pile of silks. You can't believe the amount of material that one little rug can produce. I will post it if I come up with something fun.
I got a new app for the fun phone.
This makes me laugh, I guess this is how I look when I try something new.

Friday, January 13, 2012

"The Art of Communication"

100 Artists Show - 2012 - Mary Lou Zeek Gallery
This years show is a bit different. Mary Lou partnered artists together to create a multi level show and experience. I was fortunate to be partnered with Ruth Armitage. She wrote me a beautiful letter that contained thoughts that were in both of our minds - that it is much easier for us to create an art piece than draft a letter to someone we haven't had a personal relationship with. She also wrote an exciting tale with the events from one of her days. I was immediately drawn in and endeared to her as our sensibility's to nature, solitude and wildlife are so similar. I could see the events of her day take place as if it happened in my own garden.
Here is an excerpt from Ruth's letter...
"Should I write about the weather it's touch upon the trees and fields or should I write about more dramatic shocking events here today.
 As I lay reading in the bath tub, my sweet young hen was sunning her self below the south facing window beneath the tub. Suddenly I heard a ruckus of screeching cackles flapping there, and looked out, saw a cooper's hawk fluttering over the lawn in hot pursuit of Snowflake the hen. I tapped on the window and rushed to dry off, throwing on a robe and running out to the lawn in my robe and bare feet with the dog at my side. The hawk flew off and the poor stunned hen hobbled to shelter beneath a weeping hemlock bush. I couldn't get her out without more trauma, and the dog threatened to intervene. I decided to let her rest and investigate her injuries later. When I came back latter in the day, she was still beneath the hemlock and I thought perhaps she had died. But when I touched her she sprang to life and ran off to join the rest of the flock."
Below are a few photos of the process....

 Sketches to build ideas on...
 Snowflake perhaps...
 the final sketch and first of many cuts.
 Don't mess up now, keep in mind what is black and what is white....
On the finished piece I enlarged a portion of Ruth's letter to replace the all white back ground.
Bidding opens Feb 1st. See Mary Lou Zeeks web page for details and  I hope you can join us at the artist's reception Feb. 2nd - Salem's First Wednesday.