Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun with the "Story Tellers"
 So often the artist wants control of their medium and has an image in mind of what the end piece should look like. But if you can let go and except what can happen you will be pleasantly surprised to find the story about your art. In my case it's the small clay people I create.

 When I start a sculpture I try not to have any pre conceived ideas. The above piece I knew I wanted a cap with antlers and ears. But the rest no idea. Her round sweet face just happened as well as her long slender bare foot legs. I think when I saw what she would look like I knew she would want the freedom to run with out shoes.And her story starts.
 Miss Cumin wanted to be a birder but had so many questions. Her little eyebrows knit with worry.
 Being a Brokenshire I feel I might be related to the above fellow.
It's fun to make and sell the little people but I find more pleasure seeing a student create their own sculpture. It is such a pleasure when their Story Teller comes to life for them and they tell me their history. It's hard to explain that giddy feeling we share, it's like we are kids playing for the day.
Give yourself a gift, find an art retreat and take a class from teachers who want to share the joy of creating something.

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Curious Works said...

Love all your Story Tellers, but esp. "Violet" :)
I do miss the synergy that happens when your with other artists creating and having fun...miss you!