Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Desk Polka Dots

I wanted to write a fun and witty story about the polka dotted scarf but writing is an art and takes time with trial and errors and I just don’t have time for that so I will have to tell you the truth.

Once upon a time not so long ago (4 months I think) two artists hit the road for an art retreat in a magical land called Fort Worden. These two artists are not so different from one another and being well raised girls they are always kind and polite in public. This is a very fortunate thing being polite because about a week before the trip one of the girls found the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf. And the other girl didn’t even grab it or scream or even roll her eyes at her friend’s excellent purchase. She did however think of that scarf tied around her friend’s neck flapping in the wind as they drove north. She imagined how it would look as they greeted their other art friends and how everyone would say “OMG what a totally cool scarf (apparently my imagination is a valley girl) and she was right, everyone who saw the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf thought it was “lovely”.

As the months passed she mostly forgot about the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf and life went on as usual. That is until she was making items for a future art sale and thought of making scarves out of the antique sari strips she had bought in the magical land. She made one scarf and then it hit her like a polka dotted brick – yes, yes, yes! Make your own best ever in the world polka dotted scarf, make them for everyone, make them for the world! Well maybe some people in the world can get one of the best ever in the world polka dotted scarves. By now I know you figured out it was me the one with scarf envy. I just love the polka dots, and I hope to make more.

The End

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reunion 2010

I packed my car with several different art projects, a sleeping bag, lanterns, dice, camera, the list goes on and on. Then I thought of what the trip was for and unpacked the art supplies. Camping with the family.... 52 of us.

Most of our time was spent around this ring of rocks filled with fire. It worked on this gathering as it has for thousands of years promoting stories, songs and sharing of food aka s'mores.

I was one of the first up and enjoyed the sight of the ring still glowing with life from the night before.

Looks like we all had morning hair, this robber found a jar of mixed nuts left out. She brought her relations and we all got to see them try to out smart us for food.

The fire ring saw the youngest and oldest in the family and the story's are retold.

After dinner we were able to be a bit arty with an impromptu puppet show.

This was our view from the covered area where we had our big potluck. The sound of the horn on the stern wheeler was like magic drifting through the trees. You could pretend that it was 1910.
The camping trip was held at Eagle Creek Campground in the Columbia river gorge, we stayed at the group site called Overlook. It was so nice to have the place to ourselves.
This is looking northwest over the river to the Washington side. The sunset colors didn't show as nice as in real life. It was so beautiful with the scent of pine and the sound of an Osprey crying out to it's mate.

We all packed up on Sunday with many hugs and dreams of next year. I am so lucky to have this big happy family.
I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. ~Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford, "Identity Crisis," M*A*S*H

Friday, August 20, 2010

What A Week !

It started off well enough ....
A group of us decided to stay together next April 6th - 10th at Artfest so we combined our registration forms and mailed them off. What fun we are going to have! It's not to late for you to go, follow this link to Artfest 2011 and have a look at the classes. I will be teaching two of them, Sculpture: Wire & Clay and Santibelli—Saints , check them out we will learn so many techniques and have fun in the process.
I started some art scarfs for a few shows coming up, I'm using antique sari bits and yarn as well as beautiful batiks. I have made an assortment of colors and can't seem to stop. They all have polka dots, next week I will show you more and tell you the polka dot story.

This is Woody modeling the new scarf. Woody is a 6' drawing doll that moves slowly about my house.

then the week went to H- E- double hockey sticks!!!

I got into Poison Oak and was flattened for more than a week. I have never had it before and thought I was immune, HA. The rash started and with in a few days I was covered, every spot on my body and then my eyes swelled shut. My nurse daughter took me to urgent care where I got a bag of medication. Thank goodness for modern medicine, 8 days later I'm feeling better. Nature I love most of it but now have found the part I don't!

Beautiful little bee on mint.

This paper wasp holds it's ground after I knocked down its handy work.

I'm always amazed at the work these little creatures can do.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Portable

I have been on the move this week taking my desk with me or at least some art supplies.
This little suit case has become my new best tool it measures 12"x 18"x 6", it has neat little pockets and holds just the right amount of tools. I have recently taken it to different workshops and it has saved me packing more supplies than I will ever use. Natalie helped me unload it.....she has the go go gadget arm that can reach out about 5 feet.

I seem never to take the time to journal so this week babysitting was the perfect chance to sketch and color. This first one is not my sister but the words are hers "My eye my eye" she use to say this to elicit help for our parents when three older siblings got a little too rough with her.
I have paired pages with these from the workshop I had with Mar Goman recently and look forward to tying it all together.
If you notice just under the headline banner I have added two new pages Bird Photos and Macro Photography. I was out yesterday and caught this butterfly and some bees on the thistle, I put the other photos on the macro page.

The triplets have left the nest but not yet feeding on the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. Their father did take seeds back to them and feed it to their very wide mouths.

Speaking of little birds, she thought the paint brushes tasted funny and gave me a hard look.

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Monday, August 2, 2010

Three New Santos Sculptures at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

This is Amelia, with her wings I think she could be the patron saint of aviators.
She wears a striped scarf gently around her neck, antique text covers her arms and she stands on croquet stakes.

Her body is made out of an antique shoe stretcher with a beautiful patina as well as her wings being a bit darker.

I love her profile and cute little curves. The box she stands on is a old crank telephone box.

Close up of her hand and scarf.

Her title is " Trying to Fly" she is made from shoe stretchers and shoe forms. She leans forward a little bit as if just ready to take off. I personally think she will never get off the ground with those feet.

And finally this handsome and thoughtful fellow "Contemplating Realism".
Set on the weaving shuttle are antique letter press pieces spelling out his title.
Click on the photos for a larger view.

I'm happy to say that these three Santos are for sale at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in down town Salem, Oregon.

The Oregon Coast

We made our way to the oceans edge soon after arriving and I said I wanted to see some Pelicans.
And just as if they had been sent out on cue they came gliding down the coast flying so low just skimming the tops of the waves. They came and came to many to count. The distance was a little far to get a nice photograph.
The next morning we started on the run to catch the low tide at Yaquina Bay Light House

This creature is new to me and I have lived here my entire life. It is a Veiled Chiton, it lives on algae covered rocks. It has a head and tail but no eyes. We also spotted a Gun Boot Chiton and it looked like a huge potato.

This one is exposed at low tide.

This Urchin was washed on to the beach dead but beautiful.

Birthday s'mores on the beach.

We went birding near Salishan and walked the trail out to the beach.
Here are two White Crowned Sparrows watching their young one who was not afraid of us at all.
We saw a total of 16 different birds and all sorts of sea creatures in the pools.

Oregon is such a beautiful state.