Friday, August 20, 2010

What A Week !

It started off well enough ....
A group of us decided to stay together next April 6th - 10th at Artfest so we combined our registration forms and mailed them off. What fun we are going to have! It's not to late for you to go, follow this link to Artfest 2011 and have a look at the classes. I will be teaching two of them, Sculpture: Wire & Clay and Santibelli—Saints , check them out we will learn so many techniques and have fun in the process.
I started some art scarfs for a few shows coming up, I'm using antique sari bits and yarn as well as beautiful batiks. I have made an assortment of colors and can't seem to stop. They all have polka dots, next week I will show you more and tell you the polka dot story.

This is Woody modeling the new scarf. Woody is a 6' drawing doll that moves slowly about my house.

then the week went to H- E- double hockey sticks!!!

I got into Poison Oak and was flattened for more than a week. I have never had it before and thought I was immune, HA. The rash started and with in a few days I was covered, every spot on my body and then my eyes swelled shut. My nurse daughter took me to urgent care where I got a bag of medication. Thank goodness for modern medicine, 8 days later I'm feeling better. Nature I love most of it but now have found the part I don't!

Beautiful little bee on mint.

This paper wasp holds it's ground after I knocked down its handy work.

I'm always amazed at the work these little creatures can do.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Oh, Tory. What will it be next month? I hope--nothing! At least, nothing bad.
The scarf is beautiful, I love the way you combined the colorful fabrics and played with the circles.

Dede Warren said...

I am completely smitten with your Santos Tory! It's the ONE class I truly want to take at ArtFest, however I won't be attending. I'd love if you could add my name to any e-mail list you might have, as I'd like to take a class should you ever teach in southern California! Fingers crossed!

Paula McNamee said...

Your new scarves brightened up my day with all of their gorgeous colors and polka dots. Hope you're over your poison oak!!! I know how bad that can be.

Dayna Collins said...

You continue to amaze me Tory. I love the polka dot scarves so much. Can I buy one now? Like on Sunday when I see you? Really.