Monday, August 2, 2010

The Oregon Coast

We made our way to the oceans edge soon after arriving and I said I wanted to see some Pelicans.
And just as if they had been sent out on cue they came gliding down the coast flying so low just skimming the tops of the waves. They came and came to many to count. The distance was a little far to get a nice photograph.
The next morning we started on the run to catch the low tide at Yaquina Bay Light House

This creature is new to me and I have lived here my entire life. It is a Veiled Chiton, it lives on algae covered rocks. It has a head and tail but no eyes. We also spotted a Gun Boot Chiton and it looked like a huge potato.

This one is exposed at low tide.

This Urchin was washed on to the beach dead but beautiful.

Birthday s'mores on the beach.

We went birding near Salishan and walked the trail out to the beach.
Here are two White Crowned Sparrows watching their young one who was not afraid of us at all.
We saw a total of 16 different birds and all sorts of sea creatures in the pools.

Oregon is such a beautiful state.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Looks like a great weekend, Tory! The Pelicans are my favorite; we haven't spotted them at Long Beach yet.

Curious Works said...

Fun! Cool creatures...makes me home sick