Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Desk Polka Dots

I wanted to write a fun and witty story about the polka dotted scarf but writing is an art and takes time with trial and errors and I just don’t have time for that so I will have to tell you the truth.

Once upon a time not so long ago (4 months I think) two artists hit the road for an art retreat in a magical land called Fort Worden. These two artists are not so different from one another and being well raised girls they are always kind and polite in public. This is a very fortunate thing being polite because about a week before the trip one of the girls found the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf. And the other girl didn’t even grab it or scream or even roll her eyes at her friend’s excellent purchase. She did however think of that scarf tied around her friend’s neck flapping in the wind as they drove north. She imagined how it would look as they greeted their other art friends and how everyone would say “OMG what a totally cool scarf (apparently my imagination is a valley girl) and she was right, everyone who saw the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf thought it was “lovely”.

As the months passed she mostly forgot about the best ever in the world polka dotted scarf and life went on as usual. That is until she was making items for a future art sale and thought of making scarves out of the antique sari strips she had bought in the magical land. She made one scarf and then it hit her like a polka dotted brick – yes, yes, yes! Make your own best ever in the world polka dotted scarf, make them for everyone, make them for the world! Well maybe some people in the world can get one of the best ever in the world polka dotted scarves. By now I know you figured out it was me the one with scarf envy. I just love the polka dots, and I hope to make more.

The End


A. Talie said...

Love it, great story!!! And the scarves are awesome, too!!! (Ha). You rock girl! Love ya.

Curious Works said...

love these Tory!..i want dibs on a best ever in the world polka dotted scarf of my very own...and I always knew you were a valley girl at heart :)

stephanie brockway said...

Your on a roll, these are FAB!!! A girl can never have too many polka dots. Put my name on one for sure.

Suzie said...

I love the wildness of these scares, primitive AND sophisticated . . . kind of African. Can't wait to see them in person

Dayna Collins said...

Ummmm, good thing you kept the identities of the travelling artists on the down low, especially the one who made the most excellent polka dot scarf purchase. However, I happen to know that that polka dot lovin' artist wants one of your creations and has already called dibs on a particularly brightly colored one! And she sure would like to have it by the end of the week so it can go on an adventure to another land with her. hint hint