Monday, August 2, 2010

Three New Santos Sculptures at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

This is Amelia, with her wings I think she could be the patron saint of aviators.
She wears a striped scarf gently around her neck, antique text covers her arms and she stands on croquet stakes.

Her body is made out of an antique shoe stretcher with a beautiful patina as well as her wings being a bit darker.

I love her profile and cute little curves. The box she stands on is a old crank telephone box.

Close up of her hand and scarf.

Her title is " Trying to Fly" she is made from shoe stretchers and shoe forms. She leans forward a little bit as if just ready to take off. I personally think she will never get off the ground with those feet.

And finally this handsome and thoughtful fellow "Contemplating Realism".
Set on the weaving shuttle are antique letter press pieces spelling out his title.
Click on the photos for a larger view.

I'm happy to say that these three Santos are for sale at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in down town Salem, Oregon.


Curious Works said...

These are fabulous Tory! Wish I could see them in person at the gallery...

Robin Olsen said...

You are really taking the Santos in a new direction. Very nice! Congratulations on getting them into Zeek Gallery-- a fabulous place for fabulous work!

cynthia said...

These sculptures are so cool Tory! I think it is great that they are at home in the Zeek gallery.

Dayna Collins said...

Oh my word! I love the trio, especially the striped legs. They are all so whimsical and have such distinctive personalities. Congratulations on getting them into one of Oregon's best galleries.