Friday, April 29, 2011


The latest Santos for the June show in The Dalles has a mechanical heart made in the style of a Corazone.
The two below are carved from pine, one with paint and the other is burned with a copper cross. I wasn't sure which one would look best in the box body.

Recently I took a class from Michael deMeng called “Lonely Hearts” and as the title says it was making a heart, placing it in a box, then deMenging it, not a word but if you know his art you know what I mean.
The class was great, Michael has such enthusiasm and energy that flows into his students. He is funny and has a clever wit making the day go by all to fast. I have admired his work for years and wondered how he went about creating rust and attaching plastic to wood making it look like it was done by nature. I bought his book and enjoyed reading about a third of it before I miss placed it in my house. I have been looking for a week, dang I hate that!
 Wondering about the origins of the“Sacred Heart” I sat at the computer and  read for hours and took in a ton of information.
I believe it started in the 11th century by the Benedictines , I found an interesting article and would love to condense it but would not be able to do it justice so here is a link if you would like to learn more. 
Standing tall on very large feet this Santos not only has wings it has a heart.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today as I worked in the studio I heard a great bang on the window and new at once it was a little bird, one of the many Sparrows that live around my house. This time of year they nest under my windows in the low bushes, they scratch at the ground and sing the most beautiful songs you have ever heard. So you can imagine how I felt to find this beautiful creature dead at my door step. I wanted to honor it in a small way. The English daisies grow in the grass and the poem was suggested by a friend, it’s odd how the little things can touch your heart.

Who will love a little sparrow?
Who's traveled far and cries for rest
"Not I", said the oak tree
"I won't share my branches with no sparrow's nest
And my blanket of leaves won't warm her cold breast"

Who will love a little sparrow?
And who will speak a kindly word
"Not I", said the swan
"The entire idea is utterly absurd
I'd be laughed at and scorned if the other swans heard"

Who will take pity in his heart?
And who will feed a starving sparrow?
"Not I", said the golden wheat
"I would if I could but I cannot I know
I need all my grain to prosper and grow"

Who will love a little sparrow?
Will no one write her eulogy?
"I will," said the earth
"For all I've created returns unto me
From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be"
 Simon And Garfunkel click to hear lyrics
Not to worry I'm not hung up on dead birds it was just a coincidence.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walking Raven

This piece was inspired by a crow I lived with for many years, her name was Copper she was named after my studio. She talked and went for walks with me in the woods. She tolerated the dogs that lived with us and made friends with the family but her heart belonged to me and mine to her. The only time I was not chosen first was when there was a bright and beautiful object in sight such as my wedding ring or a new red bead.
When I made the leash for this piece I thought of Copper and how she might of grabbed it and made horrid noises to and frighten me away, she didn’t share well.

Waiting for dinner.
 She tried to take Thomas the Train back to her nest.

 "Walking Raven" stands almost 4 feet tall.
 Her crown not only has a bead Copper would love but is made from an old metal tape measure. 
Body detail and assemblage necklace.
 Her cloak is made from cotton and bright colored silk strips. 
 This piece will be at the The Dalles Art Center show in June.
This has been nice thinking of my old friend Copper.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feast or Famine

I have not had the time to create any art since I got home from AF and was feeling the drought. I had the best time with all my family, my youngest daughter and her husband are going to have a baby at the end of June and was home for a visit and a baby shower.  They will be moving home in a few weeks but that is another store as I will be driving a U-haul from Alabama to Oregon. Hummm how many junk stores are in-between?
Breaking the drought- 12 hours of Art

For over a year my friend Dayna and I have wanted to create a Salem art group of women. We wanted to keep the group small so we could be mobile and visit all the interesting sites an artist might want to see. Yesterday was our first gathering, we met at Dayna’s studio jumped into a few cars and headed for Mt. Angel Abbey.

We had an appointment with Brother Cyril at 11:00 to visit the rare book room nestled in the basement of one of the brick buildings. The room is climate controlled at 30% humidity and 60 degrees.  As the lights were switched on rows of the most beautiful books were revealed.
This one is from the 1600s

Br Cyril takes time from his duties to also show us old hand written sheet music.
We had some time in another room to look at books on our own.
 Here are a few more photos from our day.
this is an image from one of the art books on icons.
Taken in the main chapel.

 We had our lunch in the old book binding building.
The grounds of the abbey.

The monks cemetery.
The abbey has the best view in the valley.
It was a rare feeling to hold these very very old books.
Our first outing was a success I know I enjoyed it.
Then just a few hours later the Orange Dream Monkeys met.

 I started a board above and a two page spread below. They are not finished I was just having fun playing with paint and glue.
 Each month we have a theme this time it was " Lime green heavenly dream pants" Don't even ask. Its all fun. the drought has been broken and it feels good.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home from Artfest

 It will be hard to describe what a great time I had at Artfest. I will start by saying I had the privilege to teach some of the happiest, artistic, energetic students ever. The first day was Wire and Clay sculpture the students had such wonderful imagination and created their own and unique sculptures that surprised and really pleased me. The second class was Santibelli Saints (Santos) we had a big project to complete in one day but the work that was turned out was outstanding. I will let some of my photos tell the rest of the story.

Thank you to everyone who took my classes and to all the Artfest participants and your infectious energy.