Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walking Raven

This piece was inspired by a crow I lived with for many years, her name was Copper she was named after my studio. She talked and went for walks with me in the woods. She tolerated the dogs that lived with us and made friends with the family but her heart belonged to me and mine to her. The only time I was not chosen first was when there was a bright and beautiful object in sight such as my wedding ring or a new red bead.
When I made the leash for this piece I thought of Copper and how she might of grabbed it and made horrid noises to and frighten me away, she didn’t share well.

Waiting for dinner.
 She tried to take Thomas the Train back to her nest.

 "Walking Raven" stands almost 4 feet tall.
 Her crown not only has a bead Copper would love but is made from an old metal tape measure. 
Body detail and assemblage necklace.
 Her cloak is made from cotton and bright colored silk strips. 
 This piece will be at the The Dalles Art Center show in June.
This has been nice thinking of my old friend Copper.


A. Talie said...

Oh, she is lovely, I love her. What memories she brings back of your dear Copper. She was a delight and fun to be around, so much personality. Miss her, too.

lynda Howells said...

beautiful all your work my friend. What lovely memories for youxlynda

Dayna Collins said...

Walking Raven is a stunning piece of art!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

I think this is my favorite santos, Tory. Really pretty face and love the costuming. Gorgeous!

Curious Works said...

Walking Raven is captivating Tory...such a beautiful piece. I'm reminded of you and Copper together when I look at it. She was such a cool bird...her chicken imitation was very entertaining:)
Thanks for sharing

stephanie brockway said...

Great piece, 4 ft tall! I want to peek under her skirt and see how you did it !:o) love you pet crow story, wish you still had her.

Tory Brokenshire said...

Thank you ladies, I'm glad you remember Copper. This Santos was fun to make, I hope she sells she is to big for my house.

Lenall Siebenaler said...

Tory-- I am so sorry to hear Copper no longer lives with you. I did not know. You'll have to catch me up next time we see each other. I have really enjoyed all your Copper stories!