Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saints Preserve Us

Remember the vise I found a few weeks ago?
Here it is as the body of this long legged angel faced beauty. She has big feet but as they say “she has a good foundation”. Her charm is accentuated by the fact that she wears her heart on the outside for everyone to see, it is part of her saint like qualities.

I have been working like crazy getting ready for Art Fest here are two new Santos.
It never ceases to amaze me who comes out of the clay.

I thought this time I would use colored fabric to dress her and was happy with this look. I also tried to get away from the traditional gold crown and painted it black. I think it looks good on her.
I felted a wool pinafore to go over her clothes, I think it gives her a cool medieval  look.
Here are a few more photos from Mexico

Orchids hang in a variety of colors and shapes from every surface at the botanical gardens near Puerto Vallarta.

 In the back ground my Mom and sister are coming out from the welcoming shade, funny words for an Oregonian to say.
A fight broke out between two Boat Tailed Grackles

They are tail to tail here.
 The fight went on and on.
The police had to be called in.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready and Mexico

Two weeks till Art Fest, I’m getting very excited as it all comes together and each chore is finished and put in a tub for transport. Today the Santos frames were checked off the list. They look like a row of soldiers, just wait to see what they will be transformed into.

 A few photos from Mexico
 It was hard to leave the sun, flowers and flip flops I tasted summer and it was good.

The first stop from the cruise ship was Puerto Vallarta. I headed for the town square and oldest church, after that I ask to see the cemetery but was told that it was moved up the hill to make room for a parking lot. “Oh that’s too bad”- “No no it was a dead cemetery all the people that came and knew the people there are all gone. There is no one to come visit the dead”.  I did find the new cemetery and people came to visit the dead, it’s a beautiful place and very much alive.

 The cemetery

Grandmother and child stand at the edge of the sea watching Grandfather work.

It boggles the mind to see these misshaped rocks precariously balanced next to the crashing waves.
 He told the on lookers how he does it and had a bowl for tips.
 You didn't think I would go on a trip and not share a bird picture.
I got some other nice shots but they will have to wait till next time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Artful Journy- Great News

I was invited to teach at An Artful Journey Feb 23 - 27 2012. This retreat is held at the Presentation Center in the redwoods of Los Gatos, Ca. I will be teaching a three day Santos class. It will be absolutely fantastic. The reason I can say that is because we will not only be making one Santos on a wooden frame but we will also be constructing an assemblage Santos out of wonderful antique and other found objects. The students will be bringing home 2 very different but beautiful pieces. I started to collect bits and pieces today that will go into a bin for the retreat. Yahoo an excuse to collect more stuff! Here are some shots of what I found today, these will be bodies or wings or ?

This will be a body of an assemblage Santos, can you see it?
This is an example of a wood frame Santos

This is an example of an assemblage Santos
I leave for a weeklong trip to Mexico on Sat and you can bet I will be looking for that rare find to bring to class. Cross your fingers I hope to find something great.   
adiĆ³s amigo de arte

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors and Journaling

I had the privilege to be able to write an article for Cloth Paper Scissors March/April issue. The magazines assistant editor Barbara Delaney was so helpful it made the process a pleasure.
 After my article on page 70 there is a reader’s challenge called “wild wire” you should check it out and maybe give it a try.
I have had the urge to do a little journaling lately. This first one started as a drawing of a Blue Jay then morphed to what it is now.
 I think it’s funny and one of the best parts of journaling is that you can break all the rules. Look at the shadows the light is coming from everywhere.

Just simple playing with ink and paint can be so relaxing.
 Emerson new the truth!

Teesha's journal.................

This next journal I learned from a U-tube tutorial by Teesha Moore. It was fun to make, I love her process of techniques and her bright colors. I tried to stick to her instructions to the letter on the big one and then went off to make the small one a bit of my own.
I will be taking them on a vacation soon because they are light weight and not so big that you feel you need to journal in the same book for the next 20 years. Thanks for reading my blog, I do appreciate it.