Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saints Preserve Us

Remember the vise I found a few weeks ago?
Here it is as the body of this long legged angel faced beauty. She has big feet but as they say “she has a good foundation”. Her charm is accentuated by the fact that she wears her heart on the outside for everyone to see, it is part of her saint like qualities.

I have been working like crazy getting ready for Art Fest here are two new Santos.
It never ceases to amaze me who comes out of the clay.

I thought this time I would use colored fabric to dress her and was happy with this look. I also tried to get away from the traditional gold crown and painted it black. I think it looks good on her.
I felted a wool pinafore to go over her clothes, I think it gives her a cool medieval  look.
Here are a few more photos from Mexico

Orchids hang in a variety of colors and shapes from every surface at the botanical gardens near Puerto Vallarta.

 In the back ground my Mom and sister are coming out from the welcoming shade, funny words for an Oregonian to say.
A fight broke out between two Boat Tailed Grackles

They are tail to tail here.
 The fight went on and on.
The police had to be called in.


Robin Olsen said...

Nice new Santos--especially the black crown!

Paula McNamee said...

Tory, glad that you had a good time in Mexico. Your ArtFest students will have great fun making their Santos with you. The felted cape is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

love the felted santos mom! awesome.

Dayna Collins said...

As always, your Santos are amazing.