Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready and Mexico

Two weeks till Art Fest, I’m getting very excited as it all comes together and each chore is finished and put in a tub for transport. Today the Santos frames were checked off the list. They look like a row of soldiers, just wait to see what they will be transformed into.

 A few photos from Mexico
 It was hard to leave the sun, flowers and flip flops I tasted summer and it was good.

The first stop from the cruise ship was Puerto Vallarta. I headed for the town square and oldest church, after that I ask to see the cemetery but was told that it was moved up the hill to make room for a parking lot. “Oh that’s too bad”- “No no it was a dead cemetery all the people that came and knew the people there are all gone. There is no one to come visit the dead”.  I did find the new cemetery and people came to visit the dead, it’s a beautiful place and very much alive.

 The cemetery

Grandmother and child stand at the edge of the sea watching Grandfather work.

It boggles the mind to see these misshaped rocks precariously balanced next to the crashing waves.
 He told the on lookers how he does it and had a bowl for tips.
 You didn't think I would go on a trip and not share a bird picture.
I got some other nice shots but they will have to wait till next time.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Great photos, Tory. Thanks for sharing a bit of Mexico...ah, that sun! Looking forward to fun at AF.

Dayna Collins said...

Happy to get a glimpse of your trip - can't wait for more photos (and commentary). Welcome home.

Robin Olsen said...

Love seeing the shots of Mexico (and the sun!) Those stone sculptures are fascinating. Does he have a trick or just an incredible sense of balance?

lynda Howells said...

You lucky thing going to mexico, it is somewhere l am still hoping to get to one day. Good luck at Art wish l could go..the ocean is in the way!Hax One of these days l WIll learn from you how to make a Santos doll, they are so amazing. Also loved the does he do it?xxxlynda

cynthia said...

I was happy to see your photos of Mexico and it gave us a little (vicarious ) taste of sunshine. I also love the rock sculptures!