Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day of the Dead -and a -Trip to the Coast

 Last Thursday on Alberta St. was a party. Stephanie Brockway above on the right curated the "Day of the Dead" show at Gaurdino Gallery.
 Janet, Steph, Tory, Dayna, Melissa and little Olivia.

 From the street
 The dead danced that night.
 The show will be up till the end of November drop in there is a lot of great art to see.
Beach trip with Suzanne, Debi, and Dayna
 First stop Astoria and a quick visit for coffee, art supplies, and as always the odd junk shop.
 Not so much junk but antiques in the old John Jacob Astor Hotel. The walls and ceiling are missing parts and paint but so wonderful to look at. I would love to go back for a real photo shoot.
 Most of our time was spent doing art in Suzanne's lovely beach house. Dayna and I did get out for a short walk and some goofing around.
 We had a rule to stay in our jammies all day.
 My PJ's are under my clothes.
 Dayna did a wonderful post on the beach trip and Day of the Dead. Visit her blog if you want to see more.
There were so many birds out on the beach I want to return with a long lens.
Today it's gray and cold but I'm thinking how lucky I am to have such friends and fun things to do.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Salem Art Group

 The Salem Art Group met today at Kathy's house. We met there so we could enjoy her beautiful garden and do a little art but the weather had us stay inside. Above Kathy shares a piece she is working on at our show and tell time.
Katy shows a wonderful painting that I just fell in love with. I wish my photo was better of it.
 Dayna explains the process of this piece.
 Joanna brought some of her fabulous quilt work, I can't wait to see it all put together.
Jami and I didn't bring anything this time so we lucked out with no photos, (hee hee).
A few photos of Kathy's garden.

Kathy's garden is so beautiful even on a dark drizzling morning.

 This is a candle near a sitting area but from far away I thought it was a flower.
 Yummy color.
 Before I left Kathy gave me a bag of pears to share with my family this weekend at my Mom's 80th birthday gathering. They will  really enjoy them, wonderful fresh Oregon fruit.
This last shot is of Kathy's work desk....I wish I had looked in that book. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


So I started to paint.
 Norm and I have been remodeling our house for two years. Well not exactly remodeling the entire time, more like we tore the house apart and then were over whelmed and have been dragging our feet for two years. My bathroom is one of the only spots to survive demolition and a place I could paint and decorate a bit. It is so nice to go in a room that has all it’s parts.
 Below is the same corner with it's new coat of paint on.
The turquoise heart is by Stephanie Brockway and the mixed media Madonna by Suzanne Reynolds.
I started collecting religious art and items a few years ago and they seem to fit in this little room very nicely. Over the tub hangs a vintage bird cage with a chalk Madonna and above a string of prayer flags.
 When I use the hair dryer I can see the prayer flags moving in the mirror. I can pretend I'm looking out a Tibetan window in the Himalayans. Hey I'm an artist with a good imagination.
 There is a candle in the cage I lite at night. The shadows cover the entire room, wonderful.
 I found this dish in Mexico the colors are perfect.
 A little reading.
This frame has a foam core backing covered by fabric. I use push pins to hang all my necklaces on. And the mannequin arm can hold rings and a few bracelets.
I think I need to run a tub of warm water and lite a few candles...ummmm I'm loving this room.
Soon in a few weeks the entire house will have new floors put of joys!!!