Sunday, January 27, 2013

It rained all weekend

 It rained all weekend and I had very little to do so I stayed in the studio playing.
 This idea of a clown started with the little dog. I was thinking of Radish learning how to sit up laughing when he fell over backwards. He did get better after only a few days.
I have been photographing some of my work in a dark room with a black backdrop as below and some on colored fabric like above.
Most of the time art work is photographed on white but I think I like mixing it up a bit.
Next weekend is the opening reception of the Sacred Scraps Exhibition and we thought it would be fun to make an art gift to put in a drawing for our guests to try and win. This is a assemblage journal made from old wood, a broken picture frame, and many other little bits. I will really enjoy seeing someone win it.
 It's 10:12 I just watched Downton Abbey and getting ready for bed but look who beat me to it. He sleeps with that chewed turtle every night.
"Radish the Amazing Circus Dog"

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sacred Scraps

An Exhibition
 My friend and fellow artist Dayna Collins ask me last year to be part of this unique show, I jumped on it. She also invited assemblage artists Shelly Caldwell, Stephanie Brockway and Jennifer Campbell to join in and display their work. We are all very excited to be seen in this setting by the students of the university and the surrounding communities.

My piece incorporates my love of clay sculpture and the assemblage of found objects. I seem to not be able to create a sculpture without a story popping into my head. Here is the partial story of the Scrap Man.

 “He has been picking scraps for most of his life but this is the first time he has ever found a creature needing so much of him”.
 “She sat very still as the wagon creaked down the wooded trail, watching and waiting for it to happen”.
 “His concerns were with the woodland creature, he knew he could protect her through the night and the dark hours but how could he quiet her fears”.

I now have the urge to continue the story maybe create a few more characters. I might need to go out and collect more assemblage parts….oh dear.

 We have created a web page with each artists bio if you would like to read more about us.Just click on the photo above.
 One aspect that I love about assemblage art is that each piece is one of a kind. The five artists participating share the same love of hunting down “sacred scraps”. We all have been hunting for many years and as one could imagine we have accumulated an impressive stash. For me some items I have found are rare and precious to me creating a little problem, I tell myself it’s the start to a small collection and I should never use them……there’s the problem.
The demensions of this piece are - Scrap Man 14" tall -Woodland Girl 10" tall - the entire piece is 23" long.
Opening night and reception is Friday February 1st , 4:30-6:30 pm. For directions and information, please visit