Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Vacation Over

Sculpture Days
How is it that an artist has very little desire to create or rather takes a vacation from a very much loved job, then without notice is hit with an unrealistic need to work?... Okay I don’t know.
 I have been invited to participate in a show some months from now and got excited with the idea and possibilities. By putting on my thinking cap I got a jump start into a sculpting frenzy.
 The above man will be just a part of a large piece, I will update his progress as he comes along.
 This Santos head has just been painted and now is ready for a body. I have been auditioning parts but have not quite settled on anything yet.
And this one came together so smoothly it was like a gift. With it's wings it will be know as the "Flying Santos" I enjoyed using some of my new tools on it,  Her choker was made with the plasma cutter and I used the welder for the stand. She will be in the Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery 
I have a few hours before bed I think I will sculpt a small tin can man. Fun fun it's nice to be back.