Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is a find from the bins and a project I'm working on. It is one of two assemblage projects that are larger than what I normally do. I can't wait to show you more.

The weather is so very gorgeous not very much art is being made but I am thinking about it. I spent the long weekend with family on the Oregon coast. Nothing better than sand castles, kids and dogs.

Winnie the Newfoundland wants to stay close to George.

Boy that water is soooooo cold!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Art Date

I have a young artist staying with me for a week he is an excellent story teller and illustrator. His main focus is currently with the sea and most any sea creature, monsters, whales and merpeople. This Memorial weekend we are going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where I’m sure he will gain inspiration for many more stories and paintings.
I some times forget how freeing it is to see a child's drawing. The eyes are my favorite in this piece.

The mermaid and man are meant to be puppets so they are colored on the back with as much detail as the front. I think I will help him laminate them as they will be used in many up coming stories.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 7

Well here we are the last day and I had fun with the challenge, it made me drag out some tools and materials I haven’t used for awhile. It spawned ideas for assemblage works, jewelry and some other projects. It reminded me how rewarding and fun it is to sit down make an item, finish it, photograph it and walk away “priceless”.
Here is the collection, I made some others that worked and I made some that did not work but over all I'm happy with them.

Now it is time to clean up. Gads how fast a mess can over take a bench. See that little anvil that is what was left to work on 4"x4" from a 6'x5' table. No worries to me that is a sign of a rewarding week.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 6

I just love old wood letters!!! They are almost one inch thick so very carefully I used my huge chop saw (and that is a no joke-CAREFULLY) cut the blocks at the same time in half so now they are 3/8 inch thick.
The little curlicue on the top left is copper wire that was melted with a Mapp gas torch to form the little balls on top. The wings are made from an old tobacco tin and an assortment of items make up the chain to hold the glasses.
One more to go and I have NO ideas, must be the sunshine. The Oregon coast was fantastic yesterday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 5

I’m happy with the looks of these a little bit of art with a very practical purpose. I reduced two of my paper cuts and used one very old post card (copy right free) to put under glass and solder around. Each piece has a lovely colorful backing and pin. I really enjoy the little things and this time it is what the silver circle says #1 The Elephant “IMAGINE” #2 Going to town on a pogo stick “DISCIPLINE” #3 The lady with binoculars “FOCUS” they fit so well.
I'm going to pick one to wear today and drive to the coast to enjoy the sun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 4

This is an acrylic disk I bought from a bead store it was intended to use the cutout towards the top as an earring or necklace? I added jump rings, a small charm and a pin on the back.
You win a few…… and well some designs just don’t work out. The small piece of glass is to small to stay in place or upright so it rolls down exposing the pin not very attractive. I will learn as I go.

The acrylic disk comes in several colors and are easy and fun to use. I also think they can be worn with different outfits. I'm going to try some more soldering today and make it work, you can see it tomorrow.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day3

The base of this one is on a 1 3/8'' square piece of etched copper. I riveted an old piece of silver bracelet on the top and soldered the ring of etched copper tubing to the bottom. It has a pin on the back.
I was trying for a piece of jewelry that could stand on its own without having glasses hanging from it but still functional. I think the first one wins that category (blue with a face).
On goes the thinking cap for tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 2

I started today with intention so different from yesterday. The body of this piece is a rectangle of copper the breasts are old pennies formed on a dapping block, I covered it with solder and used a chemical to put a dark patina over it. The wings are an old tin with bits of color still on the metal and loads of wonderful scratches.
I’m happy with this piece all the irregularities and there is a nice weight to it, all that copper. It’s put together with cold connections and has a pin on the back so it can be worn.

Two down five to go....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 1

I was working on some jewelry today making a pin or maybe a necklace, most of the time I just start without a plan. I start at the top or with the face. In this case it is an old picture of a long gone aunt. I got the face in the rim, copper top pieces and the wings on before I thought what the heck is this? I put the chain on because I just bought it and wanted to use it. At this point I heard the art muse humming and saw that this was the item you hang your readers on. OK cool, I want to make more so I’m going to challenge myself to make one every day for seven days and will post them each day. It will be fun to wear, last weekend I was hooking my glasses into a button hole on my shirt. This girl is my beloved and faithful dog Winnie and she just got into the garbage. That is why I'm thinking of her at the same time as I'm writing this post.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Congratulatios 50 Years!

I had the honor to be able to make an anniversary cake for my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary party. It was their affection and caring for each other that I set a standard for my own marriage. Congratulations Aunt Talie and Uncle Eric!
Look at how cute they are after 50 years.

On Mother’s day I got to see Rigoletto with my mother we had a wonderful time and the best seats in the house 4th row center stage, I could see the buttons on their costumes .

I love looking at the sets and dreaming how fun it would be to build and design them. So many venues to see and appreciate the arts I think I will need to live 150 more years to get my fill.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art Date

I went to my friend Melissa Kirks house, she shared her toys and I made these lovely little charms. I photographed them on the back of an art magazine.

Her studio is large with lots of windows and full of cool things to look at.

Melissa solders hand cut and ground glass that holds her unique and one of kind art work.

The flowers in this picture are to be worn as a necklace and have very cute little sayings on the petals. I didn't get the best picture of them they really are very nice.

Isn't there a commandment that says " You shall not covet your friends cool stuff "?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain Drops

A day of many rain drops, I looked outside and saw them rolling of the roof, down the car, dripping from the fir branches, bowing the heads of flowers. Then I saw them on the black pavement hitting hard enough to make a bubble, I thought of my friend Vay’s blog and that she took a photo of fishing floats in the rain. Hey grab the camera Vay said in my head, and out I went with umbrella up and head down. I took 20 shots the first time out, liked what I saw and took 40 more. If you would like to see Vay’s rain drop shot click here. She has just started her blog and is posting some nice thoughts and photos.
I down loaded them with Kodak easy share, went into the fix screen and just played around with the crop picture, contrast, hue, saturation, any part of it I could mess with just fooling around and having fun.
I have a small Canon point and shoot and I love it.
This one I took the picture to photo shop to type in the poem.
They do make fun back grounds. Go play in the rain.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fairy Friends

Fairy Festival
Ethereal bliss surrounded green fields of flowers, children’s laughter and good friends at the Fairy Queens annual party. Melissa and I decided at the last minute to attend the party, and we are sure happy we did! Our minds were filled with visions of little girls dressed in every shade of the rainbow, wings on their backs and beautiful garden flowers in their hair. They ran and jumped giggled and made fairy items all day. These are memories I will think of often and I’m so glad Melissa was able to share it.
After a day with the fairies we went to a nearby book store where I found this fun book and can hardly wait to try out some of the projects. It has very good directions and many helpful tips, good step by step photos. The author was very generous, a trait I really enjoy as I feel I got my money’s worth.