Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 7

Well here we are the last day and I had fun with the challenge, it made me drag out some tools and materials I haven’t used for awhile. It spawned ideas for assemblage works, jewelry and some other projects. It reminded me how rewarding and fun it is to sit down make an item, finish it, photograph it and walk away “priceless”.
Here is the collection, I made some others that worked and I made some that did not work but over all I'm happy with them.

Now it is time to clean up. Gads how fast a mess can over take a bench. See that little anvil that is what was left to work on 4"x4" from a 6'x5' table. No worries to me that is a sign of a rewarding week.


Leigh said...

I love these!! I wish I took my glasses on and off so I could use one that way. I am really intrigued with the one with the picture of the person looking through binoculars...
Can't wait to see more..

Curious Works said...

These all turned out fantastic. Thanks for taking us on the journey! What is your next challenge going to be?

p.s. i loved seeing your work bench...inspiring...makes me want to go create