Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fairy Friends

Fairy Festival
Ethereal bliss surrounded green fields of flowers, children’s laughter and good friends at the Fairy Queens annual party. Melissa and I decided at the last minute to attend the party, and we are sure happy we did! Our minds were filled with visions of little girls dressed in every shade of the rainbow, wings on their backs and beautiful garden flowers in their hair. They ran and jumped giggled and made fairy items all day. These are memories I will think of often and I’m so glad Melissa was able to share it.
After a day with the fairies we went to a nearby book store where I found this fun book and can hardly wait to try out some of the projects. It has very good directions and many helpful tips, good step by step photos. The author was very generous, a trait I really enjoy as I feel I got my money’s worth.

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vay said...

Sounds like a perfect day..fairy parties and book stores..I'm glad you and Melissa got to share it together.