Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seven Day Challenge- Day 1

I was working on some jewelry today making a pin or maybe a necklace, most of the time I just start without a plan. I start at the top or with the face. In this case it is an old picture of a long gone aunt. I got the face in the rim, copper top pieces and the wings on before I thought what the heck is this? I put the chain on because I just bought it and wanted to use it. At this point I heard the art muse humming and saw that this was the item you hang your readers on. OK cool, I want to make more so I’m going to challenge myself to make one every day for seven days and will post them each day. It will be fun to wear, last weekend I was hooking my glasses into a button hole on my shirt. This girl is my beloved and faithful dog Winnie and she just got into the garbage. That is why I'm thinking of her at the same time as I'm writing this post.

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Curious Works said...

This is fantabulous Tory... It makes me wish I wore reading glasses, instead of all-the-time glasses! Can't wait to see more of them.

Winnie is such a sweetie. Cute picture of her.