Monday, May 11, 2009

Congratulatios 50 Years!

I had the honor to be able to make an anniversary cake for my Aunt and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary party. It was their affection and caring for each other that I set a standard for my own marriage. Congratulations Aunt Talie and Uncle Eric!
Look at how cute they are after 50 years.

On Mother’s day I got to see Rigoletto with my mother we had a wonderful time and the best seats in the house 4th row center stage, I could see the buttons on their costumes .

I love looking at the sets and dreaming how fun it would be to build and design them. So many venues to see and appreciate the arts I think I will need to live 150 more years to get my fill.


Curious Works said...

Beautiful cake Tory. Talie & Eric look wonderful.

Alice said...

They are so great. It really reminded Nick and I where we want to be in 49 years. And yet another beautiful cake!
Happy mothers day again. Thank you for make Nick the man he is. I could not ask for a better mother in law!