Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain Drops

A day of many rain drops, I looked outside and saw them rolling of the roof, down the car, dripping from the fir branches, bowing the heads of flowers. Then I saw them on the black pavement hitting hard enough to make a bubble, I thought of my friend Vay’s blog and that she took a photo of fishing floats in the rain. Hey grab the camera Vay said in my head, and out I went with umbrella up and head down. I took 20 shots the first time out, liked what I saw and took 40 more. If you would like to see Vay’s rain drop shot click here. She has just started her blog and is posting some nice thoughts and photos.
I down loaded them with Kodak easy share, went into the fix screen and just played around with the crop picture, contrast, hue, saturation, any part of it I could mess with just fooling around and having fun.
I have a small Canon point and shoot and I love it.
This one I took the picture to photo shop to type in the poem.
They do make fun back grounds. Go play in the rain.


vay said...

I love rain! Great pictures Tory!-and I wish we had a picture of you under your umbrella, taking photos :)

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Tory, for reminding us of the beauty of rain. Your photos make great backgrounds.

Dayna Collins said...

I'm loving your rain shots! And boy did it every rain yesterday.

tory said...

Thanks ladies for your comments it is so nice to hear from you. I hope you are all dry!