Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy but having fun!

It has been a very busy time for me in the last few weeks I have been getting in the last of summer every place I can. Sunday before last the Portland Art Collective had the best time dressing like pirates and going out on a dragon boat practice vessel.
Stripes are in every pirates wardrobe.
If laughter is good medicine we are all in good health.
The day ended with pizza and a nice visit.

Monday my grandson George and I went to the fair. We took the tram to see the animals then walk back for the rides.
George had made a wish to see the baby pigs. He was not disappointed.
So cute the miniature donkeys.
We did go on a ride together but mostly G did the rides and even won a few toys to take home to his baby sister.
Thursday it was off to look for metal assemblage parts...
But Stop! you must cover your toes so we had to run to the Goodwill for some lovely foot ware.
The digging was good but next time I go back with some tools.

And this last Sunday I headed to my friend Debi's. She was cleaning and purging with the help of her super organizing sister Terry. Debi wondered if she had held on to this Daisy Kingdom bag long enough? She was very generous and invited all her art friends to take home anything they wanted( I think I just heard our friend Vay faint)  
I got to see an old friend, Molly a rescue dog that stayed with me for a short while waiting for her forever home with Terry and her son. 
And got meet Debi's new kitty Copper who kept an eye on all the doings outside.

The rain started today and the children went back to school its the end of summer but not the fun, thanks for reading my blog and thanks to all of you who leave your comments I love them.


Curious Works said...

The universe has turned upside down. Jill feels alone amongst her boxes and bags with the uneasy feeling that her doppleganger has joined the dark side.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

It's a little sad to see summer come to an end, but you've made some happy memories in the last few weeks!
Wish I would have gone to the fair to see the animals--next year!

Anonymous said...

no, no, jill . . . not to worry. I haven't joined the dark side. I'm trying to convince the "Hoarders" show to try something new. I want them to film an empty space and see how long it takes a well-intentioned-collector (hoarder) to fill it with treasures (useless junque). I think they would have lots of people scrambling to be on that show. So, I have emptied (almost) the space . . . bring on the cameras! Debi

Talie said...

HI Ho, love the pics, of course the one of Molly the best. Cheers, can't wait to see you. Love, A. Talie

Dayna Collins said...

Wow! What an amazing array of activities (and lucky me, I was involved in a couple of them). I've enjoyed the "cruise" through your artful life via this post.