Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Opportunity

I met my friend and fellow artist Debi Koenig in Woodburn last Saturday to take some shots of her art for a new page on the Portland Art Collective blog (this is the page  2010 Open Doors Art Show and Sale ) it shows what kind of items we  will have for sale at our annual art show and sale in December. Debi is known for her super bright colors and whimsical nature, I ask her to tell me about the piece above and below. She told me she was inspired by a class she took from Traci Bautista  at Artfest last spring, I can see Debi's unique touch and in these piece's she used some of her beautiful hand colored paper. 

The books below are covered in Debi's yummy multi layered art paper. I think they are  note pads, journal and a calender.

These beauty's would be fun to have on any desk.
Debi also makes cute little felted balls.

Here is a plain black and white doodle......
and with a little color...
it will be fun to see what she will be doing with these.
I may have to rethink rust all this color looks good.

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.
Winston Churchill (1874-1965) British politician.


Paula McNamee said...

Debi's colors sure shine in your photos. Tell her she needs to start
her own blog.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for sharing Debi's work with the world. I can't ever pass her booth without buying up a bunch of things!

Lenall Siebenaler said...

I make oddles of my own paper and composition books but I can't help but buy a couple each year. Last year she sold out so fast, I think I will need to ensure I get there early to get my pick of her selection!

Anonymous said...

Tory I love your blog. The kids work is amazing .I am partial tocolors as well, so I enjoyed Debis work.