Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sunday Sept 19th at about 7:00 pm Oliver Norman Brokenshire took a deep breath and met his parents.
On Monday morning I drove to Portland picked up Oliver's big sister and we headed north to meet him.
I don't even have to say anything... she likes him.

Papa and I gave her a baby doll that was stripped down and given a bath in a matter of minuets. We all went to the little family's home said good night and left them to rest. Mom did a great job, it will be hard to get her to rest. My son is taking three months maternity leave to stay home and with their remodel he may not rest either.
Norm and I stopped in Woodland for dinner, we did rest and our rant was all praise for our new grandson.


Anonymous said...

WOW those are some cute kids. they must have goodlooking e
relatives. love nana

Talie said...

How beautiful Oliver is...congrats to the great grandparents. Thanks for sharing. Love, A. Talie & U. Eric

Suzanne Reynolds said...

How cute are those kids?? Oliver looks pretty mellow--lucky parents!
Congrats, and enjoy!

Curious Works said...

Congratulations! He's beautiful...love the name Oliver!

stephanie brockway said...

How Sweet. Thanks for sharing your joy. Their lucky to have such a fun, hip and young g-man like you!

Paula McNamee said...

Congratulations, Tory! He's pretty cute and is fortunate to have you as one of his grandmothers.

Robin Olsen said...

He and his big sister are both adorable! No wonder you are such a proud grandma.

Dayna Collins said...

Oliver is adorable!! What a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. Congratulations Tory (and Norm)! Another little birdie in your next.