Saturday, September 25, 2010

The clouds moved as if Picasso was painting them in front of me.

It is 7:30 pm Saturday, the night sky is Payne’s gray with the tall firs black in silhouette. I’m working on an art piece that is due Monday. I’m sitting at my work bench next to a large open window with cool wisps of the night air drifting in. I just heard the call of a large owl. I envy what he will see tonight flying quietly over the trees, fields and river. A few nights ago as I sat in the same spot I saw the moon rise behind the firs and went out with my camera and tripod. The clouds scuttled across the sky on winds I could not feel and the colors drew me in, the owl I bet he loved that night.
The edge of darkness is so active with the changing of shifts I wish it lasted a little longer.
Once in a while I get to see the Herons looking for their night roost. He is sitting on the top of a very very tall fir tree over looking the river.
I wanted to share these paintings by art students at Lincoln Elementary School in Woodburn it is part of their art appreciation class. The art is hanging in a Starbucks, I was very impressed with their work.

 I really like this last one and the third one down as well.


Dayna Collins said...

The first part of this post is like poetry - written and visual. Lovely. And, of course, I love the FACES!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Gorgeous photos, Tory. The heron is really stunning.
I was looking at the moon last night through a telescope in a very clear sky--not such a good telescope, but it was still beautiful.

A. Talie said...

Great shots, love that moon. The heron is spectacular...good one to do somthing A.F. Those kid are great, too!