Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- going to the coast!

Bird books check, dice check, camera check...
I'm off to help my little sister celebrate her birthday, we are staying at her beach cabin near Lincoln City within walking distance to the sand. I'm going to see how many Gulls I can identify as well as other sea birds. Yes this is big fun for a birder.
She is the cute one on the right.
This will be her gift a Santos for the sea. I'm guessing my sis won't read this she is running a half marathon this morning before she drives down.
I started this santos at a workshop a few weekends ago but didn't like the head with her head! Now that she is reworked I'm happy. Sew up her blouse and we are good to go.

She holds a string of antique faux pearls a Saint Michael pendent and a cross. When I give her to my sister she will be standing in a large square low sided basket, I hope when they bring all the treasures they find on the sand home they can place them at the feet of "Our Lady of the Sea".
If there is time I'm going to do some pine needle weaving. Have a great weekend!


Paula McNamee said...

Your sister is so lucky to receive her Santos of the Sea. Please say Happy Birthday to her for me. Have
a wonderful weekend!

Robin Olsen said...

What a lucky sister--that Santos is gorgeous, and I love the idea of a place to put all those beach treasures.

Dayna Collins said...

The Sea Santos turned out amazing! What a lucky sister.