Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun- Two Weekends

A mini Santos workshop in Vancouver was Thur, Fri ,Sat last week with only four of us the fun we had took days to recover from... cheeks hurt from all the laughing and our eyes burned from lack of sleep. We only went out for the basics like picking up some Cougar Gold cheese, and a stop at the Goodwill Bins.
This picture was taken around midnight Saturday as you can see by the bunny ears we are still having fun.

Suzanne's back garden is natural and full of birds this is a Flicker with her baby. The baby is the big one on the left.

I found the roller skates at the bins for George they only cost $5.00 but his smile was worth a million dollars.
After the Santos week end I was soooo fired up I came home and made some new and unique Santos, I will post photos very soon as I'm so excited about them.
And last weekend was a trip to Mar Goman's home studio for a class on drawing, image transfer, journal ideas and some object wrapping. Mar is a wonderful local artist that I have just meet and only a month or so ago saw a show that was outstanding in Portland's Scrap. I will show some of that show in a few days.

Mar was nice enough to give me permission to take some photos in her studio.

Seven of us tried to stay on task so we could soak up as much as we could of what Mar had to teach.

We went outside to do the transfers.

Lunch break.

A demo on wrapping.

When I put up the photos you her show you will see why I love the wrappings.
Here are a few photos of Mars art in her home...

This dress is about 5 feet long
Close up of the dress (I love the rust).

Her dolls are fabulous.

I would love to show you all the art.....but... thank you Mar.


Dayna Collins said...

You have been a busy lady! Thanks for the quick rundown on what all you've been doing!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

So glad that George was thrilled with the skates...they were an awesome find! Thank you for calling my backyard "natural" rather than what it is--neglected. :)
Love those Mar Gorman dresses-wow. Thanks for sharing the photos.