Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Desk Photo July 9

This week I was working on a little bird house for a garden art swap.
I started with a base coat of white house paint then put on Golden regular gel (matte) and before it dried I created texture with sequin waste and a credit card. I rubbed on and off several layers of color to bring out the texture. Then started painting the bird....
Three times I painted the bird.

I roofed the house with a piece of rusted tin from a friends remodel in fact from the house that our picnic was held in so it was fun to use.

And the back of the house. To finish it for the out doors I sprayed it with polyurethane.

Portland Art Collective
Yesterday was our annual picnic, we held it indoors because of the heat but that didn't slow us down a bit. We laughed ate great food and did the garden art exchange. Here is some of our group with the art they made. Go to the PAC blog and check out more of the photos.

This is the beautiful piece I won, made by Paula, visit her blog and see how it was made and the beautiful watercolor journals she does. It's a dream catcher that hangs on a swivel. I'm going to put it just outside my window so it will catch the wind and the sun.


Talie said...

WOW, such talent (but I've mentioned that before of your group), what fun!!!

Dayna Collins said...

Tory, your birdhouse was beautiful - loved the bright colors and all of the whimsy. Also, thanks for the photo montage of our annual picnic - you really captured the vibrancy of all the artistic women and their creations!

Gwen said...

Lucky you, winning the dream catcher, it is a beauty! I love Paula's work!