Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- July 2

Today I do get to play with paint I have a art swap next week that needs painting and my July calender page needs plenty of paint, pens, and ephemera. As you can see I printed the photoshop pop art piece I was playing with, so it will be the base of my art page. I will show you how it turns out later.
I have been seeing more art than making it as well as collecting supplies. Last week Suzanne, Debi and I drove north to see a friends open studio near Olympia, Washington.

Suzanne holds the wheel at 10 and 2 ....Debi is a first class navigator and I sit in the back sipping coffee and taking photos.
First stop....

Can a person ever have too many art books?
We then stopped at Matter on N.W. 5Th Ave in Olympia. This gallery is assemblage based with a wide variety of art.
A suitcase lamp
Very nice but...

$1,350..... I hope she gets it.

Kennedy Creek Pottery inc. check out there website.
Dave Siemens & Maggie Roberts
The reason for our trip was to see our friend Maggie and visit her studio and open house.
As you drive down the tree lined path to their studio you enter an open glade filled with flowers, birds and pottery.

At days end we were treated to a meal and a walk to see the gardens, beautiful.
Maggie gave each of us a dozen gorgeous large farm eggs,I wish I had taken a picture of them they were lovely and the taste of them yummy. Thank you Maggie and Dave for a fantastic afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your road trip with us...looks like the perfect day, friends, shopping, nature, and art!

Alice said...

Thanks for the Link! I am loving their bird houses.

Dayna Collins said...

What a fabulous "field trip." Darn, wish I could have joined you guys.