Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Rag Rug Project-

 $3.99 for a rag rug, hours of fun priceless.
A few month's ago I redid my bath room and bought some rag rugs to brighten it up bit. I loved the gentle jewel tones and wanted see the fabric unbound. So I started to clip, and clip, and clip. Piles of gray string like thread wove the rug together, it took some time to free the fabric.
 What a treasure came out and it was mostly silk.

Sequins and sparkles added to the fun.
Then I opened a second rug...yikes it was horrid. Made from heavy upholstery fabric.
Lesson learned, I know what to look for now. You can kind of pick at it to find the silk ones.
Now the projects began. I started off with one of my polka dotted scarf's.
The body of the scarf is from the rug only the dots are new fabric.

Then a fun square knot bracelet.
Next a necklace with braids and strands. Decorated with a silk cocoon that I beaded inside and out.

Can't stop now I decided to make rag curtains, I'm still adding but I think they will look cool when finished.
 I'm still thinking of what else I could make from the pile of silks. You can't believe the amount of material that one little rug can produce. I will post it if I come up with something fun.
I got a new app for the fun phone.
This makes me laugh, I guess this is how I look when I try something new.


Dayna Collins said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I've seen bits and pieces of your photos and finished projects, but there is something so awesome about seeing all these photos together - the colors, the surprises, the results. Once again Tory, you reign as the McGuyver of Art!

Brokenshirefamily said...

I just got a complement on my scarf yesterday, I just love it!

Curious Works said...

Cool Tory! Now I want to go buy rag rugs, lol.

Diane Lou said...

Amazing what treasures you found inside...and what you did with them!

Theresa Plas said...

Very Cool Blog! Enjoying all your projects!