Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pitchfork Priest

A small view of how I make a sculpture.
I normally follow the same steps each time I sculpt a face, always starting with the nose. I think it helps me to divide up the face to the proper proportions.

Then lips and the cheeks. I have a tendency to be heavy with the cheekbone.

 If I need more chin or jaw I would add it now.
 Eyes and eyelids then eye brow and ears. This is the point that I decide if I like it or if I start over. It's all in the eyes. And I think his are a bit big but think it will work.
And the hair or in this case nails are the last to be added.
Just before I added the nails it could have been male or female but as soon as I established the hairline it was a male. 
I have planed that the head of this Santos will be on a pedestal with a collar. So I'm out to the shop to use the plasma cutter and welder.

I'm new to these tools so it takes me forever, I am still finding my way.

I cut out and grind all the parts. Now for the welder, lucky that I want it to be rough and primitive because that is where my skill level is at.
I love rust!
Here he is the "Pitchfork Priest" wearing rosary, rusted earrings and pitchfork cape. This piece is for  Day of the Dead gallery show at Guardino Gallery  and that is why it took on this persona. 

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