Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing with paper

I have signed up for a fatbook, why I don't know, I can't say no I guess and am always so excited to get my hands on the little treasures, 50 pages of whimsy. This is my last one, but in the process of trying to come up with the idea I found a technique I'm having fun with.
I made them all on card weight paper and will use them for journal pages when I put a book together.

I have copied and reduced them to make my 4x4 pages.

Some will be made into greeting cards...I also used the image to make a new business card.

At times it is so nice to take your art and apply it to several applications. It is all part of discovery, some times it works and the other times no one will ever see. The important thing is to take time to make a discovery for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Tory these are beyond amazing!!
I see a bright future in cards sales for you!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

oh nice, Tory! Right down to the address label, that is so cool. Love the way you did the feathers on that little bird's back.

Dayna Collins said...

Tory, I love your fat pages! The birds are beautiful -- I think I'm in the same fatbook swap (for Artfest?) only I'm not nearly as far along as you are with the pages. Thanks heavens the due date is still a week away!

lynda Howells said...

love these images.x so much going on and yet they don't look busy..very cleverxlynda

purple bird art said...

Tory, I love them all - they are amazing!!!

Paula McNamee said...

Your birds are full of spunk and fun. Thanks for sharing.