Friday, July 3, 2009

Art Date

My friend Rob the photographer took me and my sister Becky (that has the same camera as I do) out for a fun lesson. We drove around the Silverton area and enjoyed the beauty of the day.
Here we played with the TV "time value" to make the tires blur.

Rob shows how to get into your art!

The lesson continues in a beautiful poppy field.

One back lit poppy in a field of purple.

My attention deficit kicked in when I saw this horse.

We ask the land owner permission to camp out on his lawn and wait for the light to change so we could get some shots of this cool tree with the tracks leading to it. I have a lot to learn and I had a ton of trouble with this lesson.
So if all else fails make it into a black and white. It was a great day and I got out of the house/studio and felt like I was creating art, can't beat that!


Paula McNamee said...

Your photos are wonderful- a combination of new camera, photography lessons and an artist's eye.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Beautiful pics! Your new camera fell into the right hands. The tree is my fave. Look forward to seeing more.

Curious Works said...

Love these Tory... I especially like the poppy and the horse's eye. Can't wait to watch your journey as you unlock that camera's full potential!

Suzie Wolfer LCSW said...

Love the horse close up Tory. Is that straght out of the camera? IF so, the auto setting. I love the subtle color range in the highlights. That one's a prize winner.