Monday, June 29, 2009


The wedding was really very nice the weather could not have been better and the guests are always the best part with exception of the Bride and Groom. So my art projects for the past few weeks have been the table decorations, little nests with pear flavored jelly beans about five in the nest and a small bag of then with a note from the B&G to say thanks, the wedding cake that collapsed an hour into the party no matter it tasted so good and the flowers. I did not do a thing the next day and then just played all weekend with my new camera. I will post some of them later this week. The cake and Bride and Groom photos are courtesy of my friend Rob Andersen photographer.

My sister Becky made the birds for the top of the cake.

They are such a wonderful couple and at this moment are enjoying a cruse to Alaska.


Alice said...

I love the photography!!! If you ever want a job rob we might be needing some family pictures soon!

Robin Olsen said...

What a handsome couple-- Melissa made a gorgeous bride!! Love all the wedding details.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Wow, what a knock-out bride and handsome groom! Please pass on "congrats" to the Newlyweds for me.

Curious Works said...

Melissa is beautiful!
This is a great shot... really captures the moment