Monday, June 22, 2009

New Camera

It was my birthday last Thursday and my wonderful husband gave me this magnificent camera. He knows how much I love to take nature photos and after my film camera became obsolete I did not use some nice long lens I owned, so he bought one that is compatible with them. I’m back to having fun and hopefully I will have better shots for you.

My daughter is getting married this Thursday this is a picture of them touring the grounds where they will be married.

This little monster came to my garden with all her relations and they are having a feast on nasturtiums, cosmos, and a lovely anemone, I will just have to plant ones they don’t like as much.
I will be back to art after the wedding, see you then.

1 comment:

Curious Works said...

I'm hoping to see some wedding photos taken with that new camera! Love the picture of them holding hands...
and what a sweet little bunny..your yard is perfect for lots of nature photo shoots