Friday, June 5, 2009

My Favorite Five

My Favorite Five, on April 10 I posted my favorite five assemblage objects (click here to see them). Now I would like to show you my favorite five tools.
I own many tools and love each one, but these five are tools I would not like to live without and when they break I will replace them.

This is a 10” compound miter saw, I have cut 4x4s, old picture frames, books, spindles, ½ x 6 boards to make book covers and many other items. It’s not hard to use and in less than an hour with someone to show you the basics you could be cutting with the best of them. The prices start around $80.00 at Harbor Freight not bad if you are using it for light work but if the family is rebuilding a house I would get a better quality one.

This is a small 2/3 hp drill press also about $80.00 from Harbor Freight. It weighs about 50lbs and is very very easy to use. You can drill an 1/16" hole or a ½” hole and you can drill through just about anything. I have drilled copper sheets, tin type photos, croquet balls, pool balls, books, even glass. I don’t think you need any lessons to use this tool but it never hurts.
This little gem is just called a two hole punch, I bought it from Linda and Opie O’Brien a few years ago and when I see another I will snap it up, I use it that much.

This vise has a vacuum bottom and is only $15.00 at Harbor Freight. It really sticks to a smooth surface, so much so that I can saw a silver knife handle off with a coping saw. It also works when your soldering and its hotter than heck you won't burn your fingers off.

I know this is really two tools but they go together, this little 4” anvil is easy to pack and strong enough to take anything. One of the best ways to use it is to make your own rivets, here’s how. Use the two hole punch to put a hole in two pieces of metal, then put a penny nail through the metal pieces turn it over on your anvil and with flush cut wire cutters snip the nail about 1/16" above the metal. Now use your hammer and carefully bash the cut nail till it flares out and makes a rivet, that’s it.

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