Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Yet ?

I'm hiding in my bed room the only cool place in the house yesterday it was 107 in Salem. The door knobs in the house felt warm and when I opened the cupboard I could smell the coffee I guess it was going to brew on its own.
Photo from Google images.
The past week was filled with friends, family, art and fun. We started at Debi's for a play day with paint. I made a hat for my Aunts birthday but mostly had a good time watching the others create colorful sheets of paper.

The next day we went to Edgefield for the Crackedpots show, garden art from recycled materials,this was my favorite piece it was a five foot tall tree.
A little hummer was feeding paying no attention to the hundreds of people walking past.
You know it I had to play with it. This little bird will be made into cards today. A job I can do in the cool room.
Click on the picture to see detail.
I did some art and got a few photos at the coast and will post them in a day or so. STAY COOL !!!

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