Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going to the Coast

This little one flew in on a test flight just out of the nest but really could fly very well. Mom was watching and feed her later.
The female generally lays four blue eggs which she incubates almost entirely on her own. The eggs hatch at between 12 and 14 days. They are born without feathers and with their eyes closed. Their parents feed them in the nest until they are ready to leave it at 14 to 16 days of age. Baby robins cannot fly for the first few days after they jump from the nest. Their parents lead them to low shrubs and trees and they gradually learn to climb and jump. Within a day or two their wings grow stronger and they begin to take short flights. Their parents feed them until they have learned to feed themselves. When the young are independent, the parents will usually nest again.
A lovely little frog is living in a hanging pot near the front of my house He was surprised when I watered and jumped up.
Saturday Norm had a dog hunt test and I tagged along with my camera, I took 466 shots and this pup was one of them. I did the Photoshop fun stuff to it. You can click on it to see the detail. I'm on my way to the coast to stay cool and will be back next Monday with some good (I hope) photos.


beadbabe49 said...

Your photoshop experiments inspired me to play with it a bit again too...thanks!

Alice said...

LOVE the frog, you're doing so great! Oh and I realized that my house is now a Copper Crow Studio, the only rooms we don't have your art work in are the bedroom and kitchen