Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Playing with clay

I’m going to a friend’s studio this week who is a full time potter. Maggie and her husband Dave own Kennedy Creek Pottery inc. They live in the most beautiful wooded glade sorrowed by trees and are visited by all sorts of birds and wildlife, my kind of place.
Maggie ask me and two other gals to spend the weekend so we could learn a few techniques and have some fun, I couldn’t wait and had to mock up a little house from Sculpey that I might try to recreate.

I had a good time painting them then rubbing it off painting it again and sanding it off. Adding a few highlights and rubbing it again. One is never enough and had to make one more. Now I want to make a village.
If you are wondering about the lovely green couple on the right they are from a red rose tea box, Noah and his wife Ms. Noah. Poor woman she didn't get any credit or her name recorded for her part in the boat building and taking care of all those animals. I bet she would have a few things to say on a blog.
Look what is popping up, only 4" tall and so full of what spring promises.When I went out to take this photo a bird was singing the most beautiful song. But are they premature it is only January 25? Are your flowers coming up?


Suzanne Reynolds said...

I hope Maggie and Dave are ready for the kind of wildlife they'll be getting this weekend with us crazy women. Love your little houses, what fun you'll have recreating them in pottery.

Curious Works said...

Love your little houses...yes please, I'd like to see a village..
Have fun playing with clay...take lots of pictures!

lynda Howells said...

Oh l SOOOOOOOOO love that house. Hope you all have or had fun. Your little houses are amazing. Thanks for commenting on my blog..rust dyeing is so easy and so much fun.xxxlynda

cynthia said...

Have a fun weekend and it will be interesting to see what you all create.
I hope my daffodils are poking up!

Dayna Collins said...

You know how much I love these little houses! A village would be delightful. Save a house for me!