Friday, January 14, 2011

A fun and colorful day!

 At the give away table we all wanted to get to Suzanne's beads.
 The Portland Art Collective (PAC) meets once a month to share art, ideas, and a huge amount of friendship. We also have a give away table of art items we don't need any more. Then we got the great idea to pay a bit for what you picked off the table with all the money going to hire a few boys to move our doors at our annual art show. Well we are all healthy women and like a deal when we see it, so it should not have been a surprise that we made enough money and then some to hire the boys. It is so nice to have the young men do most of the hard work for us.
 After the PAC meeting a few of us went to Boarders for a small book group discussion and coffee.
It was fun to see the new publications and talk about the art we liked and what trends we may see in the future.
Dayna and Steph had their eyes closed so I had to photo shop some green shades for them and cut and paste myself in. We got silly and turned a few heads but hey it's not a library it's a coffee shop with a very large amount of books..

THE CURE FOR GRAY RAINY DAYS - and our next stop was....
 I went along with the others and was in no need of art supplies (say what) I just enjoyed all the color.
 I did start to get a hankering to bring home a rainbow.
 And a girl could always use a new pen....
 but I stayed strong and saved my penny's.
This piece was on the wall and I couldn't find the name of the artist but it was a beautiful sight on a gray wet day. Stay tuned I leave for Florida Sunday and I will be sending pictures and stories from there next week (I hope I can find some free wi-fi) see you then...stay dry.


Curious Works said...

Friends, books, and art...the best way to refill the well! Have fun in FL, I'll be checking for pictures :)

Dayna Collins said...

Hey, I think I look better with green shades! I'm gonna have to get me some. What a great day it was.

stephanie brockway said...

The green eyes are a definite improvement! You always take the best photos, it was fun to see all the magazines and not have to buy them!

Coleen said...

ohh you gals seem like so much fun! I hope to meet you all one day..

heart hugs,