Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love all the birds.

As we drove over the Independence bridge for breakfast Sunday morning this was our view. Two beautiful Bald Eagles, I pulled the car over and walked about a half block to get the shot only the eagles didn't like me looking, I only had time for one photo before they flew away.
 After breakfast at Andy's our favorite little restaurant we went to pick up some home grown eggs and was greeted by one of the girls.
 I bought two dozen they are so beautiful I want to just look at them in a bowl.
Monday I was suppose to be working at my desk and was watching the bird feeder from my window when I saw a beautiful little Townsend's Warbler, I grabbed my camera and got this very blurry shot.

This photo is from the National Park Service - from someone not running.
As long as I was out there I might as well get one good photo. If you click on the photo you can see the color in the eye of this little Chickadee.
Back in the house and at the desk I had to paint a wee little bird.
Mixed media sparrow or as a friend of my father calls them- LBJ (little brown job).


Dayna Collins said...

I love all birds, too! Great photos, especially the basket of brown eggs. So simple, so pretty.

Brokenshirefamily said...

I am loving the painting of the birdie! It's great to watch your art change and develop!

Curious Works said...

What a pretty chicken..someday I'll have a small coop! When are you building yours????