Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A great day in Florida

We flew all day, over 12 hours in and about planes. Landed in Florida about 7:00pm to find that our luggage went to D.C. It turned out O.K. they delivered them to the hotel the next morning . I meet up with my old and dear friends Ray and Kath who live about 3 hours south. They drove up for a visit and to give me the best bird tour ever.

It rained and poured, I found out latter that it broke a 1948 record of over 2" in the area. We would open the car window to shoot the photo and before we could close it we were soaking wet. I had to take great care last night to dry my camara. Regarless of the rain it was a blast.

This heron stands with his back to the worst of it.
Beautiful Egrets do the same. I'm starting to think this day will be a bust, little did I know...
Just around the corner .....more birds of every sort were waiting ....I nearly died....
These are Roseate Spoonbills. I have never seen such wonderful birds.

 A small cattle Egret watches the Spoonbills
 Then we come upon this Wood Stork OMG.. a birders dream!!! First time birds everywhere.
 He is fishing and being successful. It was fun to watch him if he turns he puts out one wing a spins around it.
This is the short list of birds, I have some wonderful photos to share but that will have to wait... I'm off today to find an alligator.

Out side the hotel last night, beautiful. Did I say I'm having fun!!!


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Sounds like you're in birders heaven! Enjoy your grand vacay in Florida.

stephanie brockway said...

Hey could you bring me one of those pink birds home?, Wooza are they the coolest, are they wild??
Hope you found that alligator before he found you. Your a trooper, but I bet it was a hot rain in Florida, and not the cold stuff here.!

Curious Works said...

Those Spoonbills are amazing! Great pictures...glad your having fun :)

Dayna Collins said...

I LOVE the spoonbills! Comical, bright, and perfect photo material.