Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woodblock cutting and printing workshop

The Art Barn
Nine artists gathered at Kitty's beautiful farm and lovely studio space.
We said our hello's and found a spot to sit and learn a new technique.
Kitty is the lady in red and Stephanie the one who organized us is in blue.

The workshop was taught by Debby Neely of Green Mountain Studio. Her wildlife blockprints that I have seen are stunning. I wish she had a blog so you could see her work.
We started by putting our design on the wood...Jill works on a floral design.

Suzanne carves on her block.
Then with lots of encouragement from Debbie we all started to carve and gouge.
Kitty was the first to print.

Inking the block.

I'm not sure of the terms but here she is rubbing the paper firmly to transfer the ink.

Debbie checks to see if enough ink was put down.

And look at that! It was like magic to us, Kitty's turtle came out beautiful.

That first print opened the gates and we were off, working in teams we printed our blocks with plenty of conversation and laughter.

Paula helps Cynthia print her bird and then the favor is returned.

Louise has made a fantastic sunflower.

Suzanne's beautiful lady.

Cynthia's clever little bird.

Paula's tulips are on the top row, my heron is on the left and Stephanie's bird is taken from her assemblage work is on the right.

Tammy was so good at this she was able to make two, bottom left "3 jugs" and this very cute Zebra.
I somehow missed our other participant Suzanne #2 I didn't get a photo of her or her print, darn it all.

Good bye to the Art Barn once again. Thank you kitty for sharring your space.


CarolCot said...

Wow, those block prints turned out great!

cynthia said...

Tory, your woodblock looks so beautiful and professional, like you have been doing this for years! No surprise there...

Dayna Collins said...

Oh, man, what a fun day you had! I'm impressed with all the prints that were made. Quite striking.

Catherine Witherell said...

I love those!


Eva said...

They all look fantastic. I've done rubber stamp carving in the past but not yet done woodcut printing ... will do - one day (when I don't have to work full time!).