Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- Photoshop

My desk this week has been the monitor.
I'm really making an effort to teach myself some Photoshop techniques. I bought this book about a year ago and I'm just now taking the time to read it. It is easy to understand and follow each step. There is a CD to use for step by step instructions, The book is $25 ISBN 0-7645-3578-1

This is a 100 year old church near Helvetia, I took this shot the other day on my way to the Art Barn.

The book shows you how to make a line drawing in about 3 steps (very easy). I printed it on watercolor paper.....

and then added some water color..

The book had a image of a fun grungy frame but upon reading I found out it was in a chapter on how to use plug-ins (you buy extra).. well heck... So I made my own on a layer and saved it. Again super easy, it was a make do deal.

Playing with layers, filters, colors and the grunge frame.

Original photo


Original photo
Caution this will eat time like no body's business! A good thing if you have tons of weeding to do.

The last one took more time with many layers and filters, I do like that you can see through the tree branches. I found out I need a larger file of photos to work from.
Original photos.
Well I really do need to go out and weed. Have a great weekend.


Curious Works said...

Nice! I love how that flower turned out...and the tree....and your frame...and making the church look like a water color is cool...good job on making your own grunge frame..looks good! Did you really go weed, or did you play on the computer some more?

Dayna Collins said...

I bow at your feet, sitting in awe and drooling just a bit.