Sunday, June 6, 2010

Virginia Part 2

Can I do that Michelangelo? was the second class I taught in Hampton, VA
This beautiful girl looking in a mirror was made by Victoria a fun student in the class.

Here are others working on some fantastic sculptures. I had such a nice time in this class and want to thank each of you for a wonderful day.

My friend Jan and I took a day to visit Williamsburg.
I knew I was in for something special when I saw this.

The governors palace
The word "Palace" was first used for the governor's house about 1714. Whether the term was used as irony in reference to its expense, or simply to designate an official residence is debatable.

The brick work on this house took my breath away.
In 18th-century Virginia, slaves, poor unskilled free laborers, and sometimes indentured or convict servants practiced the brickmaking trade. In large yards owned and overseen by a master and in family-owned businesses, men, women, and children participated in the trade.

Printer and Binder
In the 20th century, while excavating the site of Parks' shop, archaeologists found lead border ornaments used for French and Indian War currency.
Archaeologists also uncovered hundreds of bits of metal type, apparently of Dutch origin. Colonial printers imported cases of type from European foundries

The James Anderson Blacksmith Shop on Duke of Gloucester St. A shot from the back yard, I loved the old broken bellows.

The 18th-century silversmith was thought of as someone akin to a sculptor. Both had to know how to shape their materials with artistic talent, taste, and design.

A colonial apothecary practiced as doctor. Records kept by 18th-century Williamsburg's apothecaries show that they made house calls to treat patients, made and prescribed medicines, and trained apprentices. Some apothecaries were also trained as surgeons and man-midwives.

We saw bold and imaginative pieces of colonial and contemporary folk art in the Public Hospital building. I will show you some of that work in a few days, I was stunned by the carvings.


Dayna Collins said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your class AND into your sightseeing adventures.

cynthia said...

I have always wanted to go to Williamsburg, now after seeing your post, I am even more inspired.

rabia said...

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