Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Desk Photo- My Birthday

My desk today is loaded with flowers, cards and all things birthday. Norm picked me a beautiful bouquet from our garden and brought in the mail. He told me I got a magazine called "Paper cuts and Scissors" hee hee, this must be a special issue just for me.
Yesterday and today I have a bit of a bad bug so I'm indoors to rest, thank goodness for lap tops and photoshop.

I don't feel like eating my Cheerios but playing with them is fun.

I love how this one flattened the image but brought in the detail of the flowers on the old china bowl. After I imported the photo I went to Filter and dropped down to sketch and then to Bass Relief. The next two filters are just color.

This is a shot of my lap top and a card I was working on. You should try Photoshop it is really easy and fun!

This photo was taken in a near by town with my Cannon. I cropped and trimmed the shot and fixed the color before I brought it in to collage.

This shot was taken in Salem and I did the same as the old car.

And the end product. I used a watercolor filter on the brick work and then put the car on top.
"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it." -- Richard Bach.
I'm enjoying today !
"What's the use of worrying?It never was worth while, So pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,And smile, smile, smile. -- George Asaf
And smiling !


steph b said...

Hey You, Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!!, I have some belated trinkets for you. Norm is too funny, Paper cuts and scissors, had me that's a art magazine

Curious Works said...

Hope you felt better by dinner and had cake!
Your photoshop work is very cool...I would have never figured out that was a bowl of cheerios in the first couple of shots, lol.

Paula McNamee said...

Happy Birthday, Tory!!! Hope you're rested and raring to go again. Have a great creative year.

Dayna Collins said...

Birthday Cheerios! How fabulous - and only you would take the opportunity to make art out of them (well, you and about a thousand two-year olds!). Happy Birthday all over again.